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Please click through the subpages to see a selection of my university works. 

In my Final Major Project I experimented with photography, painting, sculpture, analogue and digital collage as well as printing, film and more. The collection of work on this page and the following pages are a sampling of them.


The issues I dealt with stemmed from a trauma that happened at the beginning of the year. I dealt in memory, loss and love and how a troubled relationship could possibly recover. It was a "trial by fire", as, as an artist I had to cope with the initial trauma and the FMP whilst processing this that trauma in a complex way for all to see, in a way that I would feel comfortable with - knowing it would result in a degree show. But being an artist who works with the everyday and personal experience, like Sophie Calle and Tracey Emin, I couldn't think of doing anything but this for such an important project. 

In my dissertation I looked at which bodies matter in a Neoliberal society exploring this subject through Kristerva's theory of the Other and Postmodernism.

I found that society favours slim bodies to the point where doctors will become negligent of fat people's pain, something called medical fatphobia. Fat people are less likely to be hired, and less likely to be promoted. They are also on average paid £7000 less than their straight sized counterparts. This effect becomes more pronounced if you are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or a Person of Colour) as intersections come into play. 

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