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Body Belonging

Welcome to the Body Belonging Series! Wonderful people named after Greek goddesses.

Drawn after a variety of bodies because I wanted to show that all bodies are different, and that's normal.

Life isn't just about the bodies selectively chosen to be represented in the media.

 I want people of all backgrounds to see themselves in these images because so often we look to media seeking to relate to it but as marginalised people we just don't see representation for ourselves out there. Through making these pieces available as prints and products I hope that everyone can find a piece they identify with that celebrates their difference in a beautiful, uplifting way.

If you want to read some books on this movement, called Fat Liberation, then I recommend books by Sofie Hagen "Happy Fat", Harriet Brown "Body of Truth" and Aubrey Gordon, "What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat".

With my prints I want to help people feel the same gratitude I now feel for my body. It breathes for me; it keeps me going even when I’ve wanted it to stop. I’m made up of kindness, resistance, complexity, perceptiveness, versatility, strength, honesty and so much more than just my physical appearance. So Are You.


You deserve to feel good. I hope my prints remind you of that!

Ask for print to be added to store!

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