I come from a family of artists; architects, loom weavers, textile experts, culinary geniuses and writers, but none were fine artists. So I took up the mantle; it was not a conscious decision, but it took determination to face my family, no matter how supportive they were.

I stood out in my family, and still do, for choosing fine art, but it’s the one thing that has held my attention and done so throughout my life. The one thing I can truly devote myself to, time and time again. I return to it, whether I am happy or sad, elated or devastated. It comforts me, and it energises me.

I tell the stories of my every day experience through my work, I work with memory and toy with the feelings of love, loneliness and betrayal – towards myself and others – to explore this emotional turmoil. I explore universal human emotions after difficult, traumatic experiences, without giving name to the experiences; as I feel sometimes naming the thing gives it too much power, a hold over you that no one can break. I see the chosen material as a conduit to expressing the emotion or event I am trying to get the audience to understand.

I come from a marginalised background and, therefore, work within my experiences to explore those oppression's and feelings. I am a BIPOC, disabled, working class, a second-gen immigrant and so much more; this allows me to explore complex emotional and intersectional, socio-cultural landscapes that others cannot begin to understand. I write about these topics in my writing as well as fat liberation and the effects of capitalism - these are just a couple of topics I have written on. I also write poetry which can be found on my Instagram.

Important influences in my work include Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer and Sophie Calle.

Louise Bourgeois especially for her exploration of emotion, sexuality, and the body, throughout her career as an artist, and the way she made art because she needed to make art. As though it was an urgent need driving her, not to become famous but because she had to create, I relate with that feeling so much. I do not do it for praise, I do because I cannot not do it.

Jenny Holzer's "Truisms" hold a special place in my heart, as do her projections, and Sophie Calle's, "Take Care of Yourself" is an incredibly influential matter in my own work. 




Southampton Solent University, BA (Hons) Fine Art


Alton College, Foundation Degree Art and Design








All In The Mind Festival, in collaboration with Deborah Goatley-Birch and Autism Hampshire

Tate Modern, "2.0 Collection"

Autism Hampshire, Artist Responses to Covid

SADGRADS2020, Online Exhibition


Autism Hampshire, Online Exhibition


UNCONTAINED, Southampton Guildhall Shipping Containers



Little Lost Robot Studios



SADGRADS2020, Volume 1, Publication


Humankind Zine, Publication


One-Pagers, Anthology, House-Guest Gallery


Snazz Magazine, March Issue

Yellow Edge Gallery, My Hometown


WORKINGCLASSCREATIVESDATABASE X Pineapple Black Arts, This Is Not A Show, This Is a Statement of Intent. 

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