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I'm Gullu Kandrou-Williams and here you'll find a little about my background and what you can hire me for. If you'd like to contact me please get in touch and I'd be happy to have a conversation with you. 

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My Story

I come from a family of artists; architects, loom weavers, textile experts, chefs and writers, but none were visual artists. So I took up the mantle of interdisciplinary artist, writer and poet.

I use my Kurdish and Greek heritage to explore personal and cultural oppression by confronting the challenges of communicating the self as a disabled, neurodiverse, female artist. Using this background to tell the stories of my every-day experience; working with memory and exploring feelings of love, loneliness and betrayal in human society: investigating emotional turmoil, and the psychology of the universal, raw human experience.

Graduating in 2020 from Solent University with first class honours, I have taken part in over 15 exhibitions and exhibited globally. I have received grants from local and national galleries like a space in Southampton and the nationally acclaimed Tate Collectives. My work has been included in a number of publications, including Snazz Magazine and SADGRADS Vol.1.

Important influences in my work include Louise Bourgeois, Frida Kahlo, Jenny Holzer and Sophie Calle. Louise Bourgeois especially for her exploration of emotion and the body, throughout her career as an artist. The way she made art because she needed to make art as it was an urgent need driving her, not to become famous but because she had to create, is a feeling that I closely relate to. I do not do it for praise, I do because to me there's no other way of being.

Frida Kahlo is also an inspiration in my work and her use of the everyday portrayals of herself that she made; using her experience even in the face of adversity, documenting her life and creating a living memory of who she was at each stage of her life. Jenny Holzer's "Truisms" hold a special place in my heart, as do her projections, and Sophie Calle's, "Take Care of Yourself" and "Exquisite Pain" are incredibly influential matter in my own work. 

I'm open for hire as an illustrator for books, adverts and social media. I'm well versed in using programmes such as Canva, creating a brand identity and working as part of a team. I have experience in Photoshop, Procreate and traditional media. 

I can translate from Greek to English and vice versa as I speak both languages fluently. I have a passing knowledge in Turkish and can work with people from all kinds of backgrounds to conduct workshops around topics such as collage, mental health and disability. I've worked as the diversity and inclusion agent for the Working Class Creatives Database, and my intersectionality makes me a good fit with most teams. 

Please contact me for a professional CV or navigate to the CV page for a list of recent exhibitions. I work remotely and can be flexible with your budget needs so please reach out for a quote. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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